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Sunday, July 23, 2017, 7:46 AM PST  
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Business Partners

Welcome Students!

You are invited to join WorkplaceConnections.

Do you want to know first hand about careers? Here you can explore ways to learn about the world of work. You can find people from the community who will give you a chance to see what their jobs are like. You can learn about the many different careers that are available in your community. You can choose from a number of ways to experience jobs you might enjoy. Enjoy checking out the career opportunities in your community and thinking about how you might fit in.

You will be able to search for career exploration activities such as job shadowing and internships and also be linked to job opportunities all over Santa Cruz County.

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Welcome Business Community!

As an employer or representative of your career field, do you have information and experiences to share with others? Are you able to help others explore career possibilities?

Here you can connect with students and others who want to learn more about possible careers and how they might fit in to the world of work. You can allow someone to shadow you for part of a day to learn about your career. You can speak to a group about your field and your personal experience. You can help to develop the workforce for the 21st century.

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Welcome Coordinators!

Here's the place where you can connect your programs, students, or colleagues with employers or career representatives. Use this site for creating powerful work based learning experiences.

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